Monday, October 27, 2008


These adorable baby shoes are constructed similarly to the popular Robeez shoes! They come in size 0-6, 6-12, & 12-18 month. The button is sewn on and they have elastic on the inside which makes them stay good on tiny feet! The outside is flannel, inside fleece, and the sole is soft leather-like material. They are also washable! Here is what I have available and feel free to email me with any questions! They are $12 a pair or 2 for $20 (plus actual shipping if needed). Thanks for looking!:)


Daisy ------------Princess Crown

Hearts--------- Apple

Rain Forrest ------------Fireman, Policeman

Cars -------------------Doggies
Underwater creatures--------Bugs

Football -------------Lizard

Fishies ---------------Fish Bubbles


  1. These are so cute. I wish I had a baby so I could use some. You should also open an Etsy store. You guys did wonderful at the bazaar. You are all so crafty. You should have no problems selling these.

    Lynnda C.

  2. Candice... these are so stinkin cute! I'm pregnant with our second and little girl(end of Feb), I can't wait to order some shoes from ya. You are so talented!! Love ya chica - Rachel

  3. Candice,
    Your shoes are so cute. Will definately keep you in mind for the next baby shower gift. Hope your Etsy shop is a great success.
    Lisa -